Meeting of the Director of International Scientific Cooperation with the Science and Technology Park Vice President of the University

Dr. Gharvayan, Science and Technology Park Vice present of Shahid Beheshti University, met Dr. Karimian, Director of the International Scientific Cooperation Office, on Monday,8 September 2020, at the International Scientific Cooperation Directorate Office.
In this meeting, which was also attended by Dr. Fartash, a member of the faculty of the Research Institute for Fundamental Studies of Science and Technology, and the Vice President and Experts of International Scientific Cooperation Management, a brief report on the outlines of international activities carried out by this management was presented. Then, explanations were provided about IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation) and ASPA (Asian Science Park Association) and the challenges of expanding cooperation with these two international institutions were examined.
Dr. Gharavian and Dr. Fartash, while announcing their views on the importance of establishing technology companies in the University Science and Technology Park, emphasized the expansion of communication between the park complex and the management of international scientific cooperation. Dr. Karimian, referring to the potential of Shahid Beheshti University in effective international communication, said that this management is ready to use all available capacities to achieve this goal.