Proposal for development between scientific and educational centers of Iran and Saratov province of Russia

The governor of Saratov, Russia, recently sent an official letter requesting the cooperation of the universities of the mentioned province with the Iranian universities. Therefore, Shahid Beheshti University, as the head of the National Working Group on International Scientific Cooperation with Russia, while informing about the issues raised, declares its readiness to facilitate communication between the universities that are members of the Russian Working Group and the universities of Saratov province.
General information about this request is given below:
Currently, the Scientific and Educational Center for Middle East Studies operates at the State Center for Higher Education at the Saratov State Research University named after Chernyshevsk. That university is interested in establishing and developing cooperation with Iranian universities and is ready to study the possibility of accepting university professors from the Islamic Republic of Iran to work. Therefore, that center suggests the following:
• Signing a contract / agreement / memorandum of understanding for cooperation with educational, scientific and medical centers of Iran to implement an academic mobility program in the field of exchange of professors, students and research personnel, training and joint research;
• Admission of citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran to study in different fields of Saratov State Medical University;
• Attending admission ceremonies for Iranian universities to select elites to study at Saratov State Medical University;
• Activities in the field of medical tourism;
Also, the State Center for Higher Education “Saratov State Technical University named Gagarin” is ready to accept Iranian students and provide quality resources for education and accommodation of students. Saratov State Technical University offers Russian as a foreign language for admission students.
The Saratov State Conservatory called Sainov State Higher Education Center is also ready to accept Iranian students.