Accommodation Management 

Mohammad Reza Nikbin
Phone: +98 (21) 29902090

At Shahid Beheshti University, we understand it is important for you to be in a living situation that supports both y​our study priorities and life style. Finding the right accommodation is closely tied to your academic success.
We strive to provide a healthy environment for body, mind and spirit. Student will have the opportunity to learn to live in an academic environment and accept the responsibilities which are parts of group living.
The dormitory building are segregated in to male and female.

There are eight buildings allocated to the accommodation of single students with a capacity of 4000. Two separate buildings are allocated to married students with a capacity for 40 families. Students can apply to the Student Accommodation Office to use the facility according to regulations.

there are:

Taleghani Dormitory For boys Capacity:330
each room 4 beds
+98 (21) 88302386
Motahari Dormitory For boys Capacity:250
Each room 4 beds
+98 (21) 88759769
Ghaem magham
Farahani Dormitory
For boys Capacity:150
Each room 4 beds
+98 (21) 88738175
Kooye baradaran
For boys Capacity:1800
Each room 4 beds
+98 (21) 22417391
Kooye khaharan
For girls Capacity:1600
Each room:4 beds
+98 (21) 22417384
Rastak Dormitory For boys Capacity:220
Each room 4 beds
+98 (21) 88962437

Kachooe Dormitory
For girls Capacity:180
Each room 4 beds
+98 (21) 22417391
Keshavarz Dormitory For girls Capacity:220
Each room 4 beds
+98 (21) 889662437

Rooms are partly furnished.
The university provides bus and transport facility between university and dormitories and also Telephone line and internet connection.

Married Researchers Residence and Hostel

The Residence for Married Researchers was inaugurated on November 10, 2003. It is situated on the foothills of mountains in northern part of the University.

The residence is a thirteen story tower with a total of 7200 square meters consisting of 48 studio and 64 one-bedroom fully furnished apartments. Each unit has its own bathroom, telephone and Internet access, plus many other amenities.

A restaurant with very beautiful landscape is situated on the thirteenth floor. The ground floor has a library, conference room, a fully equipped computer room and the tower’s administrative offices. Classroom, a prayer room, shop and multipurpose hall are some of the other amenities of this tower.

Married post graduate students and scholars on research assignments of any nationality and religion are welcome to reside on this tower for periods of one week up to one year.


There are 3 main restaurants in the campus, offering meals at subsidized prices, in addition to several sandwich bars and cafeterias.


The Student Welfare Office provides financial assistance to students in form of loans. The loans are disbursed according to regulations for education, housing, marriage, emergency, insurance, as well as complementary loans. The office has provided free shuttle bus services to main city centers to facilitate students commuting to the campus.

Cinema, Theatre, and Exhibitions

There is a cinema in the university campus, frequently showing movies, while the video library lends scientific, educational, documentary films and movies at request.

The Cinema Unit also supports the students who wish to participate in film production or make films. The Theater Unit organizes student groups to stage their performances in festivals.

There are numerous students’ competitions and events organized throughout the year. The Exhibitions Unit is always ready to organize students’ exhibitions on different national or religious occasions.

The conferences are organized by the Conferences Unit drawing on the participation of students, the Publications Center and the media.

Students Organizations

There is a separate unit for supporting students’ organizations facilitating and coordinating their activity.