International Scientific Cooperation Directorate (ISCD) of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) works to establish in-depth scientific, research, technological and cultural relations between SBU and other universities and academic institutes within and outside the country. For this purpose, this office has taken policies and expanded steps to accomplish its goals through the following “Activities and Services”.

Activities and Services

  • ​Expanding academic relations with foreign universities and institutes 
  • Exchanging and coordinating academic and expertized activities between faculty members and foreign universities and institutes
  • Establishing and facilitating SBU and faculties’ relations with world’s outstanding universities and academic centers for the purpose of compiling agreements and memorandum of understandings (MoU)
  • Monitoring existing MoUs, following up the mutually agreed subjects and developing former MoUs with international  scientific-academic centers
  • Conducting educational courses outside the country
  • Presenting services to faculties to instruct and research outside the country
  • Assisting faculties to be dispatched to foreign countries in order to instruct within the framework of MoUs
  • Corresponding with foreign universities and following up the correspondences
  • Coordinating and following up for the purpose of permanent presence in the international communities
  • Issuing recommendation letters for faculty members (or students) to attend conferences and educational courses outside the country
  • Expanding cooperation and relations with international academic and cultural centers and organizations
  • Presenting services to introduce SBU to international scientific communities
  • Cooperating with International Students Office in order to attract more students
  • Assisting to hold more international conferences in SBU in close cooperation with universities and research centers ​