SBU Information and Communication Technlogy (ICT) center

This center was established in 1974 to provide a fair condition for students and research activities.
There are more than 100 PCs in the computer center. All the faculties in the university campus established their own internal computer center under computer center supervision.
Different services are presented to faculty members, staff, and students of Shahid Beheshti University by ICT center. The general services are:

Dial-up internet connection is available for graduate students and faculty members. ERP service is available to staff. Hardware is one of the departments of ICT center. Its duty is to support computers and computer users. The duty of this department is in two main processes: hardware services and consulting services. The hardware services consist of installing computers, commissioning and maintenance. The process of consulting services consists of offering consulting services to all units of the university. The department of software services has the duty to prepare and implement the web-based softwares to all different units of the university. In this context, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with a communication subsystem, human resource management, accounting, financial, budgeting, salary, meeting and work schedule management, filing management and informational research and training with a subsystem for bachelor, master and PhD programs and a subsystem for research are on the way of commissioning.

The university’s network has 3800 active nodes which cover nearly 30 separate buildings in the university. The backbone of the network is completely fiber and connects these buildings to the ICT center building.

Room1: Intranet/Internet
At this place, connecting between all university buildings are provided with the main switch. The software mechanism divides internet bandwidth between network users. At the present, the university internet bandwidth is 70 Mbps. Dial-up Internet connection is available to 1140 users. Monitoring servers and active equipments of the network are at this place.

Room 2: Data center
At this place, some servers for ERP, Golestan system, website, virtual course and email are maintained. Automatically the backup from all data is taken. Back up servers from important services such as ERP and Golestan system is maintained here. Software and hardware mechanisms separate these mentioned servers from other network sections, and servers are protected from hackers, viruses and illegal access.

The Counseling Center provides  psychological consultation services to currently-enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. The Center offers brief counseling and therapy to help students confront personal, academic, and career concerns.
The primary goal of counseling is to help students develop the personal awareness and skills necessary to overcome problems and to grow and develop in ways that will allow them to take advantage of the educational opportunities at the university.
The Counseling Center is staffed by psychologists and mental health counselors who provide developmental-based counseling, assessment, and crisis intervention services to currently-enrolled students.

Shahid Beheshti Uni. Press started in 1966 and has published 620 book titles until the end of Sep. 2016, most of which are in the field of architecture and humanities. More than 100 published books are now in their second to tenth edition.

Subject Areas

  • Agriculture, Environmental & Natural Resources Sciences
  • Archeology, History and Geography
  • Art, Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Chemistry& Chemical Engineering
  • Earth Sciences
  • Economy
  • Education& Psychology
  • Humanities
  • Law and Fiqh
  • Linguistics& Foreign Languages
  • Literature
  • Management
  • Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Sciences
  • Medical Sciences & Biology
  • Mysticism Philosophy & Islamic Studies
  • Physical Education & Sport Sciences
  • Physics& Nuclear Engineering
  • Political Sciences
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology

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Shahid Beheshti University’s Public Relations Office is one of the offices of the Presidency extent.

Up to 1999, the office functioned under the name of the Office of the President and Public Relations, but from this year onwards the duties of the said Office has been given over to the two offices of Public Relations and of the President and Committee Affairs.

The main duties of this Office are:

1- Gathering information and informing people of the university’s programs and activities through reports and news interviews

2- Contacting various institutes, organizations, and foundations and determining their requirements of university services

3- Publishing the results from seminars, conferences, and scientific lectures through mass media for public information

4- Publishing a Newsletter periodically named “Aieneh”

University is a place for challenges of thought and intellectual activities. Leading society towards a brighter future is one of the main features of it. In fact, all the efforts made at Iran’s Department of Higher Education are aimed at adequate and deserved training of students.

University health services provide quality health care and education in a reassuring friendly manner.

They seek to prepare a calm, exciting and dynamic environment. Therefore, this massive and constructive group will have no other objectives than development and evolution; it will not have to grapple with trivial problems and will walk down this path with a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Health care and medical treatment are two issues that can play a significant role in creating a dynamic academic society, and providing that society with physical, psychological and social health and peace.

All students who are members of the S.B.U are entitled to use the services of the students health care foundation: specialized medical care, dentists and mental care.

To achieve this, the Health  Care Center of Shahid Beheshti University, under the supervision of Vice- presidency for Student Affairs has undertaken the responsibility for providing health services to students and academic members.

Medical and nursing facilities are available on the campus clinic. More intensive care is provided, if necessary, at the hospitals working under Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.