How to apply to Shahid Beheshti University programs

Thank you for choosing SBU to start or continue your higher education. We welcome international applicants who are smart, ambitious, and genuinely eager to learn. Our staff are privileged to read your applications; all applications are read in their entirety.

Each academic year consists of two semesters. The first semester begins on September 5th and the second on January 23rd. Our best advice? Start working on your application early.

To start off, please check the program schedules for the list of programs offered by SBU. You can apply to do your research at SBU (for a bachelor, master and Ph.D. degree) and also to learn Persian language at the Persian Language Center. To note, bachelor and master duration are 8 and 4 semesters, respectively. Duration of the PhD study program is 6 semesters (3 years) minimum and 8 semesters maximum, depending on decision of dean of department. To earn a PhD degree you usually need to complete 36 credits. This equals 12 to 18 college courses and the successful completion of the dissertation is awarded 24-18 credits.

Then, you must check Financial Conditions. You can see the tuition fees there. After that, if you find yourself capable of meeting the requirements, you can apply online through the following steps:

*Create an account

*Fill Out:

Profile Forms:
  • Personal Information Form
  • Address Form
  • Passport Details Form
  • Relatives or Friends Form
Education Forms:
  • Current Study
  • Previous Degrees
  • Prizes and Distinctions
  • Papers

You can create a multi apply in the Apply section. Create an “apply form” and fill it out. In the Apply section you can edit your “apply form” and send it to be processed by the International Students Office. Please send the required documents via the “Send Doc” link.

Required documents are:

  • A copy of your passport and a personal picture.
  • For undergraduate applicants, a copy of diploma degree confirmation.
  • For graduate applicants, copies of the diploma and bachelor’s degree confirmations.
  • For Ph.D. applicants, copies of the bachelor and master’s degree confirmations.
  • The official transcripts.
  • Two referees and recommendation letters.

Note 1. Recommendation letters are optional for bachelor and master’s programs, but necessary for Ph.D. applicants.

Admission Process

The process of admission begins with sending the application forms as described above. The International Students Office checks and pre-reviews the forms, then informs the applicants about acceptance or rejection of their application forms (in cases of incomplete forms). Rejected application forms can be edited by applicants and resent again; meanwhile, accepted forms will be reviewed by the admission committee and decisions will be made about the applicants who will later be informed about the results. Applicants that are admitted must contact the International Students Office for registration.

All applicants, besides the above mentioned online application, should also register on the Students Affairs Organization’s website and provide the necessary information and educational documents. Each applicant will get a tracking code after completing all the steps.