The Fifth online meeting of the National Working Group of International Scientific Cooperation with Russia was held

The fifth meeting of the National committee of Coordination and Pursuit of International Scientific Cooperation with Russia, due to coronavirus crisis was virtually held by Shahid Beheshti University (Leading House for coordination of Academic Cooperation with the Russian Federation universities) on Tuesday, 16 June 2020, with the presence of Dr. Nasiri Gheydari the president of Shahid Behehsti University, Dr Karimiyan director of International Scientific cooperation directorate, Dr. Najafi, Scientific Advisor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia, White Russia and Ukraine, Dr. Gholami, former scientific advisor of Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Moscow and other international scientific representative members of this group.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Nasiri Gheidari, while announcing the launch of the “Russian Academic Collaboration Thinking Room” at Shahid Beheshti University today, stressed the need to expand the importance of international scientific cooperation with Russia.

In addition, Dr. Najafi, announced the opportunities for cooperation with Russia, and also spoke about the two main axes of the Russian State Scholarship and teaching the Russian language, as well as the arrangements made to organize this matter.

Dr. Gholami then enumerated the available opportunities for the committee on international scientific cooperation with Russia in the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology of Iran’s president office, emphasizing the necessity to extend the academic cooperation between universities and scientific centers in the country to make the maximum benefit of these capacities.

Finally, the meeting ended with questions session by members of the committee and a conclusion speech by Dr. Karimian.

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