ialized round table held with presence of Russian researchers

A group of Russian professors and researchers in the fields of human sciences, oriental studies, linguistics and Iranian Studies participated in the specialized scientific research event of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) on Sunday, December 10, 2023.
A group of professors and researchers from Russia’s Higher School of Economics, Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Asian and African Studies, St. Petersburg State University, University of Ekaterinburg, and Institute of Philosophy, who were present in Iran in order to attend the knowledge-enhancing course of Iran’s Hikmat and Philosophy Research and Russia’s Avicenna Studies Foundation participated in the specialized round table of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of SBU.
During this event, a joint meeting was held with the presence of Dr. Abtahi, director of international scientific cooperation, Dr. Anani Sarab, associate dean of the faculty, professors and students of the Russian language department, Dr. Esmaeili, director of public relations and international affairs of Hikmat and Philosophy Institute, and Mojtaba Rashedi, representative of Avicenna Studies Foundation.
In this meeting, Dr. Abtahi introduced the capabilities, capacities and achievements of SBU, and gave expert explanations about the subjects and fields of interest to the visitors.

Then, a researcher of classical Persian literature and Muslim manuscripts, presented the results of her latest research on examination of the miniature paintings of Manzome Yusuf and Zulikha Jami in the manuscripts of the Qajar period. Then, the representative of Avicenna Studies Foundation gave a brief explanation about manuscript research and statistics at St. Petersburg University and the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences.