The president of Shahid Beheshti University stated in a meeting with the Uzbek delegation; Announcing the complete readiness of the university to carry out joint scientific research projects with universities in the world, especially neighboring countries 841 views18 January 1402

A high-ranking Uzbek delegation visited Shahid Beheshti University and met with Dr. Aghamiri, the president of the university, and visited the Laser and Plasma Research Institute.

According to the university’s public relations report, high-ranking officials of Bukhara State University, Karshi State University, Termez State University, and Urgenj State University met and talked with Dr. Aghamiri, President of Shahid Beheshti University, on Saturday, January 16, 1402.

At the beginning of this meeting, Dr. Abtahi, the vice president of the university for international affairs and the director of international scientific cooperation, introduced the capabilities, capabilities and achievements of Shahid Beheshti University in a welcoming speech and gave explanations about the university’s fields.

Dr. Aghamiri, the president of Shahid Beheshti University, expressed his satisfaction with Uzbekistan’s presence and initiative for joint scientific cooperation and interaction and said: Although we cooperate with all universities in the world, we emphasize cooperation with neighboring countries because we share common culture and feelings.

Stating that Shahid Beheshti University is one of the country’s comprehensive universities, Dr. Aghamiri added: We can cooperate with the universities of Uzbekistan for several reasons, especially in the industry sector. Shahid Beheshti University is Iran’s designated university of industry, mining and trade, and the projects of this ministry are operationalized through Shahid Beheshti University, and Shahid Abbaspur campus is also specialized in Iran’s water and electricity industry; Also, Shahid Beheshti University is the only university in the region that has a nuclear engineering faculty and is fully prepared for cooperation in the fields of peaceful nuclear application, radioisotope production, drugs and its application in medicine, industry and agriculture. This university also has a special scientific position in the field of medical technologies and medical engineering.

Carrying out joint scientific research projects, holding joint courses with the approval of the two countries, sending and accepting students, professors’ commuting were among the common areas of cooperation that Dr. Aghamiri addressed.

The large center for teaching Persian language to non-Persian speakers of Shahid Beheshti University was one of the things mentioned in the words of the university president; He emphasized the readiness of this center to teach Persian language to international students and added: Every semester, a significant number of foreign students who study in Iran learn Persian language in this center. This center has compiled and published special books for teaching Persian language and organizes two to three month internship courses so that Persian language can be taught in a practical environment.

He emphasized the readiness of Shahid Beheshti University for joint activities with the universities of Uzbekistan, saying that we are among the first and reference universities in the country in the fields of humanities, including law, educational sciences, economics, and architecture.

Dr. Tashkulov Abdul Ghadir Hamidovich, president of Termez State University, while appreciating the hospitality of Iranians and being happy to be in Iran, described the progress of our country in scientific fields as very impressive and added: We have a proverb that you hear a thousand times and you do not see it once, and today about Iran And we are sure of Iran’s progress today.

Dr. Rasulov added: In recent years, many reforms have taken place in the higher education sector of Uzbekistan. The number of universities has increased threefold and the number of students has increased fourfold, and for this reason, Uzbekistan’s higher education needs cooperation with Shahid Beheshti University in all fields, especially engineering, medicine, chemistry, and physics.

Exchange of students, study of Uzbek professors in doctoral courses at Shahid Beheshti University, participation in publishing joint articles in international journals were among the areas that the President of Termez State University emphasized and said: Shahid Beheshti University has a special place among the universities of the world. And by providing opportunities for interaction, other universities of Uzbekistan will also benefit from this cooperation.

In the end, he invited Dr. Aghamiri to attend the 80th anniversary celebration of Temerez University in Uzbekistan and added: Although we are in winter, we have seen so much heat in Iran that this meeting is only the first step and our cooperation with Shahid Beheshti University will continue. .

Bekpolatov Elham Rostam Ovich Vice President of Research and Innovation of Karshi University; Pointing to the progress of Karshi University in the fields of physics, chemistry and agriculture, he called for cooperation in these fields and invited the presidents and professors of Shahid Beheshti University to visit Karshi University.

At the end of the meeting, joint scientific-research memorandums were signed with Termez, Urgenj and Karshi universities by Dr. Aghamiri and Dr. Abtahi.

 After this meeting, the Uzbek delegation visited the laboratories of the Laser and Plasma Research Institute in the presence of its head.